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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nitin Rivaldo goes TAED

Notwithstanding glaring technical glitches and an over-enthusiastic Marathi anchor speaking in English, TEDxBITSGoa's show-'stopper' was Nitin Rivaldo.
If you are expecting to read a polarised opinion on Rivaldo, you are in for a shock. This post is about you - the indecisive Bitsian.
Rivaldo introduced himself and a few laughed. Well that's okay, we all suffer from 'premature laugh-aculation'.
What followed was a a mexican wave of laughs - a rare few guffawed and the others wasted no time in following them. The fun begins after the event.

6:00 pm, 6th Feb 2011 : Extremely polarised opinion - some vehemently abuse him with generous amounts of phlegm in their mouths while others make '\m/' even with their toes in order to praise him. Everyone is milling about like a large pika family - each moving in his or her own direction, be generally headed toward the mess (Can't resist but compare this to electrons in a wire!).

9:00 pm, 6th Feb 2011: Around the mess, now it seems like each group has his or her own opinion - the more aggressive ones have convinced the less decisive/more timid ones(one's who are in no small number, of which I too am a part of) of their opinion, and these guys have accepted it like it was their own.

7th Feb onwards: Lets face it, there is a pattern in which groups of people interact, and thus two large systems are created like enormous veins and arteries, with each node as one person - he would flip from one stance (the artery) to the other(the vein), without pausing to think what he himself feels about the whole thing.

Anirudh Wodeyar would have probably smelt this conclusion at the very first character of this post, but for the others, this is symptomatic of a deeper malaise - herd mentality. And this is not a post to laugh at the indecisive Bitsian - its a sample of the real world. You, myself, us - most give in to this genetic craving to stay in a herd, unnoticed and devoid of an identity. Don't mistake me - the craving to be noticed is equally deadly, one that afflicts most who just go the first step of recognizing the above problem, but don't give two hoots about the right solution - but only the easiest one.

Certainly it is a hard thing - processing each sentence with your own individual sieve, making an opinion independently and voicing it only if necessary. But the rewards of the such a meticulous life is one thing that every man cherishes - respect.

With this comforting thought, "Shine on, you crazy diamond!"

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Jay Rambhia said...

haha.. Shine on you crazy diamond !