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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

know thyself

I wrote this poem at the end of 12th grade and to this date, it hasn't failed to inspire me. here goes -


Open your eyes, O ignorant being,
Pause for a moment only to think
Of our own existence in this boundless cosmos,
In the infinitude of time - a mere blink.

Shield your eyes from mundane thoughts,
From the gory entrails of human desire;
Plunge to the depths of nature's divinity,
Purge your soul in the orb's fire.

Beyond the beyond, O myopic souls!
Ponder over results of today's sloppiness;
Quantify your dreams, qualify your actions,
Repay yourself this debt of happiness.

Wring your soul for the cause of others,
Quench their thirst with your sweat and blood;
The gratification that comes with kindness,
An unparalleled ecstasy rarely understood.

Get off your behind, O lazy being!
Lengthen your stride with spirited ease;
Be cautious about hasty ambition,
The joy en route it will only decrease.

So up and away O noble Brother!
always remember these truths of life;
Keep smiling, Keep working,
Know Thyself, My noble Brother.

- Akshay Surendra


Anirudh said...
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Anirudh said...

Know thyself is a very apt title. From what I read and understand, you've pulled out every flaw possible from our repertoire of mistakes and given a sensible solution to them.N Now if we could just implement this set of results put forth so eloquently the world would no doubt be no more human, and its a world you know I aspire for ;) .

Shreyas said...

Wow! Amazing!! :)Loved it! :)
Anirudh, i dont think this was meant as a problem solution thing. Its just something meant to inspire! :) but i love ur phrase - "repertoire of mistakes" :)

akshay surendra said...

Thank you :)
well, both of you are right. It is a solution -problem poem but my intention was to avoid sounding like robin sharma, whilst preaching simple facts..
@anirudh: aah! always the glitch of following it :( :(

Ramya said...

Beautiful! Very befitting title too.

It summarises the root cause of failure of all humans- taking the easy path out or sometimes taking no path at all(interestingly, that too maybe a path). Though we know we are choosing the less arduous ways, we will inevitably complain about its less rejoiceful outcomes. We know what we must do but the challenge lies in bridging that gap between knowing and doing. :)

haffyy said...

splendid akshay :)
reminds me of "a psalm of life"..

But to act,that each to-morrow
Finds us farther than to-day.

haffyy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
akshay surendra said...

a little too late, but thanks people - haffy and ramya!

shefinallywrites said...

I really loved it, very nicely put. I think its something that we all are thinking.. but only you have worded it! very apt!!